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Refrigerant Trading Licence    AU38099


Auto Air conditioners require regular attention to give you optimum useage for the life of your vehicle.

Your Vehicle's Air Conditioner requires a minor service every 12 months .

This will involve checking the system thoroughly for any indication of refrigerant leaks. We will discharge  the system's refrigerant, then recharge with renewed refrigerant and inject with uv dye to allow any leaks in the future to be easily seen by your technician.

 Every 2 years your Air Conditioner requires a full service.

This will require a thorough inspection of the system. We will discharge the refrigerant, replacing the receiver drier, flushing the system with approved airconditioning solvent, replace the seals, PAG oil, and re-charge the system with refrigerant, injecting with UV dye


Carbon Tax has been removed from 134a Refrigerant meaning we can now drop the price to inspect and recharge your vehicle with refrigerant for:


By law, we must inspect a vehicle's air conditioning system before re- charging with refrigerant.  We can not, by law, simply "top up" your system, if the system is not sound it can not be recharged with refrigerant. 

After we have completed a major repair to your air conditioning system ie: compressor replacement;  we may require you to return with your vehicle after a short period (indicated by the technician) to re inspect the system to ensure the system is secure and no leaks are present. 

This will only cost you about 15 minutes of your time and we offer this service free of charge to ensure the repair has been successful and your system is sound. 

If your air conditioner is no longer cold, you may have a leak in the system which must be repaired. 

For a small fee and approximately 15 mins of your time, your system can be inspected  and a report provided (in terms that you can understand) including the cost involved to repair the system to allow it to be legally re-charged with refrigerant.  

At Boland's we do not recommend the use of secondhand components in your A-C system. Usually the age is the primary cause of failure, thus components you may source that are of the same age will more than likely have similar problems and not a very long life.

If your repairs are more involved such as :
 replacement of -

  • condenser

  •  evaporator 

  • compressor

Boland's technicians are fully licenced, qualified and experienced to assist with those repairs for you.

When the vehicle is inspected a quote can be provided to you for the cost of those repairs including the refrigerant re -charge.