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At Boland Auto Electrical we offer our customers value for money and quality parts you can rely on.

Batteries are no different.

We recommend Bosch Maintenance Free Batteries for many various applications.

Bosch batteries are highly recommended for many various applications.  Bosch provide optimal Starting power for all vehicles. Bosch have been manufacturing batteries since 1927 when battery ignition for motor vehicles was first introduced.  Since that time the demands on batteries have increased signicantly with the introduction of features such as electric windows, air conditioning, ABS and airbags.  With unmatched expertise in automotive electrical systems, Bosch has kept pace with these developments and now provides a range of batteries which meet the demands of modern vehicles.

Bosch offers three levels of performance are available .

 S3 Maintenance free provides economical and reliable power for standard vehicle applications.

S4 Powerful Maintenance free energy source with long service life and low self-discharge. Suitable for virtually all passenger vehicles.

S5 Premium Maintenance free battery for high performance. Includes Silver Alloy technology to ensure the highest level of starting power and longer service life.

20 Years ago, temperatures in the engine Chamber wouldn't climb above 50c degrees, in today's modern vehicles the temperature in the engine chamber often exceeds 100c degrees. Bosch has specific expertise in engine management and electrical systems and has applied this knowledge in the development of their new Battery Program. The employment of Bosch Silver Technology considerably reduces corrosion caused by heats, significantly increasing the service life of the batteries. 


When you purchase a Bosch Product you do so knowing that you have the security of a Nationwide Warranty.

The warranty period commences on the date of purchase.

S3 batteries For Private Vehicles - 24 month warranty

S4 batteries for private vehicles - 36 month warranty

S5 batteries for private vehicles - 36 month warranty

On all batteries for applications on:

Truck/Commercial/Industrial/4X4  - 12 month warranty applies.

On all batteries for applications on:
Taxis - 3 month warranty applies.

Bosch Maintenance Free Batteries