The Fuel Injector's Performance is critical to the correct running of the computerised fuel injected engines.

Variation of Air / Fuel ratio by even 1% from its pre-set limits can have adverse effects on the system's ability to control and eliminate excess pollution. It will also effect the long-term performance of emission control components such as the Oxygen (O2) sensor and Catalyst Exhaust.

Fuel injector

Regular Maintenance of your Fuel Injection System is essential.

At Boland's we have specialised equipment to diagnose, test and service the Fuel Injectors on your vehicle to give you the peace of mind for optimum fuel economy, minimum Exhaust Pollution, increased performance and drivability.

Ultra sonic cleaning of injectors is the most effective cleaning process to restore your injectors. These pictures clearly indicate the difference before and after cleaning

Is your vehicle presenting with any or all of the following symptoms?

  1. Starting - will not start properly or starts badly
  2. Idling - Lumpy Tick over, uneven idling
  3. Performance - Lacking/Loss of power, flat spots
  4. Economy - Poor fuel consumption, expensive to run
  5. Driveability - Drives poorly, hesitates
  6. Emissions - excessive emissions
  7. Lamba Failure - Lacquering up, slow in response
  8. Catalyst Failure - Failing or breaking up but no cause found
  9. Malfunction Indicator Light - Air Fuel Ratio

It may be worth considering servicing your injectors. At Bolands we have the equipment and diagnostic ability to assist you with these problems.

Fuel Injection Service

Correct Combustion of fuel in your vehicle will minimise pollution. Combustion is reliant on correct atomisation. Poor atomisation will also cause problems with other costly components.

If your injectors are delivering too much fuel then you will have poor fuel economy . Too little fuel will effect the engine's performance, suffering a lack of power and poor performance in general. The long term effects of not servicing your injectors could cost hundreds of dollars more in fuel over a period of time and the increased probability of costly repair bills.

The Fuel Injector Valve is the only component on the fuel injection system which actually does the Fuel Injecting. Ideally, regular servicing should be approximately every 40,000 to 50,000 klms.