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Engine Management - ECU

Often running problems with your vehicle can relate back to the ECU on the vehicle. The vehicle may have experienced a fault which will be logged in the ECU of the vehicle this fault can be read by a System Scanning Tool. refer to Engine Management Systems

Occassionally the problem is in the ECU itself.  The System Tool we have at our Workshop will be able to establish where the problem lies.  In most cases we are able to repair the ECU here on site, but occassionally we have to send it off site to be repaired on your behalf.

We also have the industry connections to be able to source competative prices onnew, reconditioned and second hand ECU's to get your vehicle on the road working efficiently again.  It always our policy to discuss with the owner of the vehicle the options available and the cost involved to enable you, the owner to make an informed decision on the option which best suits your needs and budget.

Auto ECU