At Boland Auto Electrical we have  range of "Exchange" Alternator and Starter Motors.

We may be able to assist you with one to suit your vehicle as a cheaper alternative to a new unit.

ALL EXCHANGE UNITS are remanufactured with new internal components such as bearings, brushes, planetary gears, regulators, rectifiers, sliprings. We are able to arrange the rewinding or armatures, rotors and stators if required.

We also have the specialised equipment, parts and experienced staff to rebuild the starter motor drive* (pictured below)  - in most cases. *depending on the damage to the drive.

Exchange units are protected by a 12 month warranty.

All warranties are subject to damage to specific unit. Warranty is void if the unit is damaged by engine fluids such as but not limited to oil, diesel, power steering fluid, coolant, or contaminated by elements such as but not limited to sand, dirt, mud, fresh water, salt water.

Exchange units are available fitted or unfitted. Price is available on application.

Please be aware that with some units, parts are becoming extremely hard to source and thus a rebuilt exchange unit may not be an option.

starter motor

Below: Alternator rotor 

Alternator Rotor

Below: Brushes 


Below: Starter motor Armature 

Starter Motor Armature