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We can Supply:

  • Genuine Bosch Starter Motors which have a 24 month ** Australia Wide Warranty
  • Jaylec Starter Motors which have a 36 month** Warranty
  • OEX Starter Motors which have a 36 month** warranty
  • JAS Oceania Starter Motors with Varying Warranties
    • Passenger Vehicles - 48 month Warranty
    • Light Commercial and heavy Commercial Diesel applications - 24 month warranty
    • JAS also offer a range of remanufactured units with a 36month warranty for passenger vehicles, 12 month warranty for light commercial and Heavy Commercial Diesel applications.

** When determining your warranty details you must take into consideration the following general  information (which can vary between manufacturers)

  • Passenger Motor Vehicles - normal manufacturer's warranty
  • Commercial, Diesel applications and 4WD - 12 month warranty

As a general guide to protecting the warranty on your new, second hand or reconditioned part

  • Your part must be fitted and tested by a duly qualified tradesperson

  • The part must be the correct part for the Make, Model and year of your vehicle as parts are generally not interchangeable between vehicles
  • you must ensure the part is not at risk of contamination from any of the following which will void your warranty.
  • Warranty will be void if the unit is contaminated by elements such as, but not limited to, sand, dirt, mud, salt water, fresh water or engine fluids such as, but not limited to, oil, power steering fluid, diesel, coolant.

So it is recommended if your vehicle has a leak of engine fluids such as listed above that the cause is resolved to ensure the optimum life from your new part. Leaks of engine fluids will cause major problems with rotating electrical parts (alternators / starters) extremely quickly (i.e. sometimes in a matter of weeks)

Bosch Passenger vehicle Starter

Bosch Commercial and Passenger vehicle Starters 

Bosch Commercial Starters
Jaylec 70-0114 Starter Motor

Jaylec Part # 70 -0114 

JAS Oceania SNJ043 Stater Motor

JAS Oceania Part # SNJ043