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Engine Management Systems for your Vehicle

Whether you have a situation where your car will not start, has an intermittent running problem or perhaps the warning Engine Light has come on, we can assist you.

Our technicians have the expertise and the diagnostic equipment to check your entire Engine Management System using a System Scanning Tool. This testing equipment is regularly updated and loaded with data on the latest models to read fault codes and live data.

All components of the Vehicle's Engine Management System can be checked such as the ECU, Crank and Cam Angle Sensors, Throttle position Sensors, Air Flow Meter, Oxygen Sensor, Coil Pack, Ignition Module, BCM Module, DFI Module, Air Temperature Sensor, Coolant Temperature Sensor and Fuel Injectors. When you experience a problem with your vehicle the ECU will usually log a fault code which can be retrieved by our System Scanning Tool. This piece of equipment may only be small but it can give us a wealth of information regarding the running of the vehicle and any faults it has experienced. This will safe us time and you MONEY when it comes to diagnostics. Lets face it anything that saves money has to be good!!

We would normally require your vehicle for a minimum of an hour to run our Scan Tool on the vehicle and at times we will require to manually test sensors etc. to provide an accurate diagnosis. We can then provide you with advice and costing of repairs which may be required to rectify any faults. This allows you to make an informed decision on required repairs.

The relatively small cost to complete this procedure far outweighs the cost of hours testing and trouble shooting different components of the vehicle and also considerably lowers the cost of repairs by avoiding replacement of components which are not actually faulty that maybe incorrectly diagnosed without the use of a system scanner.

Diagnostics on the Engine Management System is an intricate procedure and can at time require us to scan the vehicle and due to multiple codes presenting we may clear the codes and then when the vehicle plays up again we can rescan the vehicle for a more accurate reading. In these cases, we only charge you for the one scan.

Components of the Vehicle's Engine Management System can be repaired or replaced.

Our technicians are fully conversant with the requirements to complete these repairs and when replacement is required we only use Quality, Reliable Parts which come with accessible warranties.

DFI Module

Top : DFI Module

Bottom: Air Flow Meter 

AirFlow Meter
Coolant Temperature Sensor

Top: Coolant Temperature Sensor 

Bottom: BCM Module 

BCM Module
Crank Angle Sensor

Top: Crank Angle Sensor

Middle: Oxygen Sensors

Oxygen Sensor

 Bottom: Coil Pack 

Coil Pak