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Fully Guaranteed Brake & Clutch Repairs Caboolture

Brakes screech, squeal or don’t enable you to stop quickly anymore? Having difficulties shifting gear? We provide a complete range of brake and clutch repairs and services to keep your car running smoothly and help you stay safe on the road.

Why Choose Us?

What’s Wrong with My Brakes?

Your car’s most important safety feature, your brakes should be inspected regularly as part of a scheduled or logbook service and immediately if you notice any of the following signs of damaged or worn brakes:
The fully qualified technicians at Boland Auto Electrical & Mechanical in Caboolture can identify the issue quickly with scanning tools and a manual inspection and advise you on the work that needs to be done. Whether the issue is something minor like low brake fluid or worn brake lining or major work is required, you can rely on our technicians to provide you with honest advice and a competitive quote. VIP Club members get 10% off.

What’s Wrong with My Clutch?

Your car’s clutch works hard transmitting power from the engine to the wheels which means it undergoes a lot of friction. This friction or ‘burn’ makes clutch problems common, especially in most older cars. If you notice any of the following signs, bring your car to Boland Auto Electrical & Mechanical and our technicians will identify the problem and suggest a solution:
Whatever the issue with your clutch or brakes, our fully insured technicians can repair it quickly and to the highest standards using quality replacement parts from top brands. This ensures you’re covered by a reliable warranty along with our 12-month guarantee. To book your car in for an inspection at our Caboolture workshop, call Boland Auto Electrical & Mechanical on 5419 0544.

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Boland Auto Electrical & Mechanical’s VIP Program covers all the cars in your family and gets you a 10% discount on all auto electrical and mechanical work. One-time $20 joining fee.