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Auto Air Conditioning Servicing Caboolture

Haven’t had your A/C system serviced in a while? Let the auto air conditioning specialists at Boland Auto Electrical & Mechanical in Caboolture keep it in top condition with a fully insured guaranteed service and re-gas by licensed, qualified technicians

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How Often Should I Service My Car’s A/C System?

Like all car components and systems, auto air conditioners require professional attention on a regular basis to give you optimum A/C usage for the life of your vehicle. Your vehicle’s air conditioner needs a minor service every 12 months and a full service every 24 months. Both minor and full A/C servicing involves checking the system thoroughly for refrigerant leaks. When we inspect your A/C system, our auto electrical technicians discharge the refrigerant, then recharge with renewed refrigerant (regas) and inject UV dye to allow your technician to easily identify any future leaks. A full service at Boland Auto Electrical & Mechanical in Caboolture involves a more thorough inspection of the system than a minor service and includes:
By law, we’re required to inspect a vehicle’s air conditioning system before recharging with refrigerant, so we can’t simply “top up” your system. If the system isn’t sound, it can’t be regassed until it has been repaired. After major air conditioning repairs, for example, replacing the compressor, we may require you to return with your vehicle after a short period to reinspect the system and ensure it’s secure and leak-free. This should only take around 15 minutes and we offer this service free of charge to ensure the repair is successful and your system is sound. To book an A\C service, call Boland Auto Electrical & Mechanical on 5419 0544. VIP Club members get 10% off.

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