Engine Rebuilds

engine rebuilds

Engine Rebuilds and Reconditioning Caboolture

Thinking of rebuilding or reconditioning your engine? Our Caboolture technicians are experts in engine rebuilds for cars, 4WDs, commercial vehicles and heavy equipment. We work on all makes and models.

Why Choose Us?

Why Rebuild Your Engine?

There are quite a few reasons why an engine may need to be rebuilt, including reduced compression, overheating and low oil levels, which caused engine components to fail. These issues could be caused by a number of things, such as a broken water pump or thermostat and failing to change and top up engine oil regularly.

But engine failure isn’t the only reason why car owners choose to rebuild their engines, as many simply want a better overall performance from their car. Whether your engine has failed or you’re looking for a more powerful performance from your V6 or V8, our skilled auto technicians can manage your engine rebuild project.

When replacing components such as bearings, gaskets, O rings, seals, timing belts, valve springs and oil pumps, we only use quality parts from leading brands with reliable warranties. We only replace major components such as camshafts, crankshafts and pistons when required to keep your engine rebuild as cost-effective as possible. All our work is covered by our 12-month guarantee.

To speak with one of our experienced auto technicians about rebuilding or reconditioning your engine, call Boland Auto Electrical & Mechanical in Caboolture on 5419 0544. VIP Club members get 10% off.

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