Smart Start Interlock

What is Smart Start Interlock?

Smart Start Interlocks is a licenced provider in ACT, NSW,QLD,SA,TAS,VIC & WA. If your state road authority has instructed you to install an alcohol interlock device, and you are eligible for an alcohol interlock licence the process is very simple.

  • Boland Auto Electrical & Mechanical is an authorised Agent and Service Centre for Smart Start Interlocks contacting us is your first step in the easy process to get you back on the road.
  • Call us today and our friendly staff can book an install date and provide you with a quote for your installation. We will advise what you need to bring in on the day.
  • Attend your installation with any paperwork you have been advised to bring in. If you are a concession card holder, bring that along to see if we can reduce the cost for you. The installer will give you some tips on using the device and answer any questions you have about the process.

3 easy steps and you will be back on the road.

You can call Boland Auto Electrical & Mechanical for your Smart Start Monthly Service even if it was installed elsewhere, even interstate. Our Staff are trained and ready to assist wherever possible in your navigation through your Alcohol Interlock Program requirements.

Smart Start Interlock |
Smart Start Interlock |

How does Smart Start Interlock Work?

The system is installed into your vehicle wiring and interrupts the starting of the vehicle until a successful test is done through the head unit. The system has a camera to show evidence of the person using the device. It will randomly ask for further tests to be performed whilst the vehicle is being used. There is a time sequence provided to enable time to pull over and conduct the test.

The system will require a service every month at which time data is retrieved into the system and from that data we can establish if you are having difficulty using the system and help resolve any problems in the process.

Why choose a Smart Start Interlock?

  • There are 100+ service centre nationwide
  • Smart Start Australia is available 24/7 on their support line. 1300256900 option 2
  • The device is accurate and reliable.
  • Cost is affordable

The Smart Start Interlock - 20/20

This device is designed to be user friendly and is the most commonly used interlock device in Australia. It has a large keypad, a comfortable, ergonomic grip, and remote unlocking options.

With this head unit you will experience:

  • Simple, straightforward breath testing
  • Remote unlocking options
  • Integrates with the Smart Start Camera enabling positive identification
  • Ergonomic with its comfort grip
  • Backlit screen for easy reading
  • Large keypad allows you to navigate the functions of the device easily
  • No false positives with fuel cell technology

Smart Start Interlock FAQs

Most Interlock programs are for a mandatory 12-month period. Your State Road Authority will provide this information on your letter stating the requirement for the installation of the device.

In most cases this is because you are required to participate in an Alcohol Interlock Program for a specified period of a minimum of 12months.

Businesses are also known to request the installation of a system as a Voluntary Installation in their company vehicles including delivery vans and trucks.

We also find there are drivers who request a Voluntary Installation in their vehicle for their own requirements and piece of mind. 

It is also possible to keep the unit installed when your program is successfully completed at which time the system will be updated with the change from Mandatory to Voluntary.

**** Voluntary Units still require calibration and service monthly or for up to 3 months.

Call Boland Auto Electrical & Mechanical today to get the ball rolling and be back on the road with the easy process. You will be dealing with friendly, respectful staff who will go out of their way to assist where they can.