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Caboolture Fuel Injection Cleaning, Servicing and Repairs

Starting issues? Increased fuel consumption? Failed emissions? There could be a problem with your fuel injectors. Boland Auto Electrical & Mechanical can help.

Why Is My Car Not Performing Like It Should?

Your car’s fuel injectors are electronically controlled valves which play an important role in its overall performance. By spraying a fine mist of gasoline into the engine intake manifold in precise bursts, the engine uses fuel more efficiently, delivers a smoother, more economic performance and produces less emissions.

There are a number of signs that indicate that there’s a problem with your fuel injection system, such as poor idle and performance, increased fuel consumption, engine not reaching full RPMs and smoke emitting from the tailpipe. If you notice any of these signs, bring your car to the local auto electrics specialists at Boland Auto Electrical & Mechanical in Caboolture.

Why Choose Us?

We Provide a Full Range of Fuel Injection Services

As Caboolture’s local auto electrics specialists, we provide a full range of fuel injection services for all makes and models, including EFI cleaning, servicing, repairs and replacements. Whether your car won’t start, idles or is running rough, we have fuel pressure testers and other high-tech tools to diagnose the faulty component of your vehicle’s system. We provide honest advice to help you make sense of your repair options and use quality products with reliable warranties. At Boland Auto Electrical & Mechanical, we clean, repair and replace:

We also provide fuel injection cleaning which helps to improve fuel economy and performance, restore lost power and keep your entire fuel system free of harmful deposits. To keep your fuel injectors functioning efficiently, they should be cleaned every 80,000 kms or 36 months, whichever comes first. Our rates are highly competitive and VIP Club members get 10% off.

Ready to speak with a local auto electrics expert about your fuel injectors or book your car in for an inspection? Call Boland Auto Electrical & Mechanical in Caboolture on 5419 0544.

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