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timing belts

Reliable Timing Belt Repairs and Replacements Caboolture

Rough idling? Rattling from the engine bay? Engine misfiring frequently? Your car’s timing belt may need to be replaced. Our fully qualified and insured technicians can replace it for you.

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Signs That You Need a New Timing Belt

The timing belt is a toothed belt and plays an important role by synchronising the rotation of the crankshaft and the camshaft, keeping engine valves open or closed during the intake and exhaust strokes of each cylinder. In some makes and models, the timing belt also drives the water pump.

As with all components, timing belts wear out over time and need to be replaced when damaged or at the manufacturer’s specified recommendations. If it isn’t replaced when required, it can stretch, slip or break and cause major damage to your engine that would be much more expensive to repair than replacing the timing belt. If you notice any of the following signs, it may be time to replace your car’s timing belt:

Our technicians will check the timing belts in line with the manufacturer’s recommended specifications during a log book or scheduled service, though you should bring your car in for a timing belt service if you notice any of the signs above. We also upgrades to dual timing chains on some vehicles where available. Unlike some other auto service providers, we always replace the water pump and thermostat at the same time as the timing belt service, ensuring it operates correctly and you get the best value-for-money service.

How Are Timing Belts Replaced?

The process of replacing a timing belt is relatively straightforward and involves:
At Boland Auto Electrical & Mechanical in Caboolture, our technicians will inspect your timing belt as part of your log book car service, though don’t hesitate to book it in for an inspection if there seems to be a problem. To speak with a local technician or book an inspection, call Boland Auto Electrical & Mechanical on 5419 0544. VIP Club members get 10% off.

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