Keeping Your Car Running Smoothly — The Importance of Regularly Servicing Your Car

Staying safe on the road is likely to be — and should be  — your first priority with your car, though there are many other reasons why you should have it regularly serviced. As experienced auto electrical technicians serving Caboolture for many years, we’ve seen first-hand just how dangerous it can be when cars aren’t serviced regularly, not to mention the additional costs — car servicing saves you money by preventing small problems becoming bigger problems. Here are four important reasons to have the experienced auto electricians at Boland Auto Electrical & Mechanical service your car.

Avoid Breakdowns

The chance of a breakdown increases significantly each time you drive your car beyond the specified or recommended service interval. Most manufacturers’ log books specify 6-month service intervals to keep the manufacturer’s warranty valid, however, you should continue servicing your car at least every 6 months after the warranty has expired. Keeping your car running smoothly with ongoing servicing helps to avoid preventable breakdowns that could leave you stranded by the side of the road.

Increase Tyre Lifespan

Your car’s tyres are one of its many parts, but they are one of the most important. In fact, after the brakes, your tyres are your car’s most important safety feature as they’re the only part of the car in contact with the road. While you should regularly check your tyres and inflate to the correct level, having a technician inspect, inflate and, if necessary, rotate your tyres as part of a general or scheduled log book service helps to increase their lifespan. Keeping your tyres in good condition is important for road safety as well as fuel economy and overall performance.

Keep Brakes Working Correctly

As your car’s most important safety feature, your brakes must be kept in excellent condition at all times — they’re something you just can’t take any chances with. When your car is serviced, the auto technician will inspect the entire brake system, which includes checking the brake lining and pads for wear, draining and refilling the brake fluid and realigning the brakes if necessary.

Service the Suspension

Along with the tyres, the suspension system supports the weight of the car, provides stability to help you maintain control and reduces excess energy from road shocks to deliver a smooth, comfortable and safe ride. Due to the role they play, major suspension components such as shock absorbers and struts experience significant wear and tear over time and should be checked regularly for signs of damage. A properly maintained suspension system helps to:

  • Keep the tyres in even contact with the road, maintain dynamic wheel alignment and prevent uneven or premature tyre wear  
  • Control spring and suspension movement, as well as vehicle roll, sway and bounce, to provide consistent and safe braking and steering
  • Prevent uneven brake wear and minimise wear on other vehicle components

Many of your car’s most important systems, including the brakes and tyres, are dependent on a correctly functioning suspension system, making it very important to have it serviced regularly.  

We all want our cars to provide a reliable and cost-effective performance, but that just isn’t possible without regular scheduled or log book car servicing by a qualified technician. To avoid costly repairs, keep safe and safeguard your car’s resale value, servicing your car regularly is a must. To book your car in for a service, call Boland Auto Electrical & Mechanical in Caboolture on 54190544.