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Fully Guaranteed General Servicing in Caboolture

Looking for reliable auto technicians in Caboolture or Morayfield to service your car? Boland Auto Electrical & Mechanical provides general and logbook servicing for all makes and models. Whether you drive a car, 4WD or heavy vehicle, our skilled technicians and auto electricians can cater to your requirements.

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Having your car serviced on a regular basis saves you money in the long-term and helps to keep you and your passengers safe when on the road. While you aren’t legally required to service your car, there are a number of reasons why you should have it serviced regularly. Road safety should be your biggest concern with regard to the condition of your car, though regular servicing is also advantageous because it:
Just because your car looks ok and drives fine, that doesn’t mean it’s working as well as it should be. Not only do parts and components experience wear and tear which needs to be addressed before small issues become big issues, there are also many fluids that need to be flushed and replaced. For example, the engine fluid which lubricates and protects moving parts and components in the engine needs to be flushed out and replaced every 6 months or 10,00 kms, whichever comes first. Been longer than 6 months or you’ve driven more than 10,000 kms since your car was last serviced? Book it in for a service at Boland Auto Electrical & Mechanical today — 5419 0544. VIP Club members get 10% off.

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Boland Auto Electrical & Mechanical’s VIP Program covers all the cars in your family and gets you a 10% discount on all auto electrical and mechanical work. One-time $20 joining fee.